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Processing company documentation is an everyday responsibility. It is important that your documents are duly registered and processed in a manner that is both efficient and secure, and that they are delivered to interested persons at the correct stages of the respective processes. The ChiliWorkflow system supports a comprehensive database of a variety of company documents and helps users to manage the same by following the assigned document workflow procedures.

Order your documents

Ordering the processes of registering and archiving documents is crucial to their due processing within any organisation. The office module featured in the system supports instantaneous registration and processing of incoming, outgoing and internal mail. The advanced security mechanisms ensure that company documents are made available only to persons with adequate access privileges and at the correct stage of the process, while the built-in archive module facilitates secure archiving of documentation.

Optimise your business processes

Our process-oriented approach to the registration and processing of company documents is highly efficient. The user-friendly and intuitive tools used for process modelling included in the ChiliWorkflow system allow users to fully virtualise business document processing within the system. Process management mechanisms ensure that correct tasks are assigned to the right people at every stage of the process, while the monitoring and reporting tools allow users to verify the status of individual documents in workflow.

Example areas of optimisation

  • Company's documents management
  • Office and secretariat management
  • Document archives
  • Supplier order management
  • Cost invoice workflow
  • Purchase order management
  • Public procurement management
  • Contract registry
  • Management of leave applications and business trips


Time savings

Company documentation is registered and ordered while the automation of business processes management ensures full control and monitoring of document processing. You no longer need to waste time searching for information.

Faster and more informed decisions

Unlimited access to company information - at any time, anywhere, from any device - you can now make fully informed decisions without any unnecessary delay.

Cost reduction

Digitalisation of documents and automated task management greatly reduce the costs of processing documentation and eliminate the risk of different employees simultaneously performing overlapping tasks.

Improved security

The information flow within the company is fully controllable, you can independently define access privileges for specific information, and any misplaced or destroyed documents can be recreated on the spot.


The ChiliWorkflow system features a number of functional modules to facilitate the management of company documentation
– starting with initial registration, through processing, to organised archiving. ChiliWorkflow is a fully scalable system.
The modules are selected and configured individually for each particular implementation.

Office Module

Ensure the security of information flows
at the most crucial points of concern

The office is where the company comes in contact with the outside world. Its efficiency dictates the accuracy of records keeping and processing of the registered documents. The Office module supports comprehensive management of correspondence. It organises incoming internal documents and their dispatch to the designated addressees. It also manages the overall internal information flow as well as the external dispatch of documents.

Office Module

  • Complete records of all incoming, outgoing and internal documentation.
  • Possibility of posting notifications to a number of organisational units or persons at the same time.
  • Supports incoming correspondence notifications to facilitate receipt and processing.
  • Reconfigured posting paths to guarantee that correspondence follows processes assigned to it by type.
  • Bar code marking and identification of correspondence with a system search functionality.
  • Management of correspondence dispatch at the level of postal services cost records, consignment return records, and Postal Outbox generation.

Document Workflow

Control the information flow

The "Document Workflow" module serves as a guide for procedures applicable at the organisation. Firstly, it provides comprehensive control over document workflow within the company or institution. Secondly, it manages the assignment of tasks to the right people and monitors their performance.

Document Workflow

  • Document workflow is controlled in accordance with the pattern specified in the process model.
  • Group work support.
  • Determination of the scope of the exchanged and transferred information.
  • Specification of roles and areas of competence of individuals and groups involved in the respective processes.
  • Full control over the information flow.
  • Aggregation of all data necessary for an informed decision.

Central Document

Keep all the relevant information in a single location

The "Central Document Registry" module serves as the main repository, i.e. the place where all documents are stored. It orders and systematises company operations by providing categorisation and access management functionalities for all the necessary information, as well as advanced search options.

Central Document Registry

  • Document database organised by category.
  • Easy document search and filter functions.
  • Management of user access privileges for individual documents.
  • Version support.
  • Access to information about the source and processing method.


Ensure secure and controlled access to archival data

The "Archive" module allows the comprehensive processing of documents kept in Company Archives. File access, take out and non-return database. Hard copy tracking.


  • Archiving, storage and registry of electronic documents.
  • Fast document search and sharing of functions.
  • Tracking original copies.
  • Access Control.
  • Efficient document transfer to State Archives.

Process Models

Order your business processes

"Process models" provide an effective tool that allows the IT system to better reflect the logic of the company's business processes. It facilitates independent modelling of document workflow paths and the work rhythm in accordance with the applicable procedures.

Process Models

  • Graphically enhanced process and approval paths design, both at the level of business modelling in accordance with BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation) and the programming layer.
  • Possibility of employing predefined and dedicated operations.
  • Orchestration of integration related data.
  • User defined conditions for decision-making points based on information gathered in the course of process implementation.
  • Management of user form template screens.

Document Class

Manage your document classes

The "Document Class Editor" module allows the users to independently create system representations of actual documents. This includes the ability to define document types and attributes, as well as to create and configure data registries maintained in the system.

Document Class

  • Ability to define document metadata, including the type, description and validation methods.
  • Management of dictionary definitions used for document generation.
  • Template management.
  • Document Class Versioning.
  • Exporting defined document classes to standard formats (e.g. XML).

Public Procurement

Comprehensive management of public procurement processes.

The "Public Procurement" module, combined with workflow process approval paths for objects such as public procurement plans, purchase orders or tender proceedings, performs all tasks related to the comprehensive management of public procurement activities.

Public Procurement

  • Registration of the Public Procurement plan for the given year, including the relevant organisational structure, product groups (CPV codes) and process approval of the public procurement plan.
  • Process management in public procurement.
  • Defining the parameters for public proceedings: specifications, schedules, selection criteria, scoring systems, parts of proceedings, etc.
  • Managing the complete registry of documentation related to the particular public procurement proceedings at each individual stage - tenderer enquiries, replies, offers, cancellations, notifications.
  • Contract performance and successive order management.
  • Monitoring the performance of contracts awarded in the proceedings. Monitoring the implementation of the annual public procurement plan.
  • Possibility of integrating with external systems (e.g. ERP) with respect to contract and order registration, as well as data exchange with regard to their subsequent performance.

Authorisation / Representations

Possibility of defining (temporary and permanent) authorisations and representations (in accordance with the authorisation map or other random factors).

Authorisation / Representations

Delegate authorisations in accordance with predefined templates.

Organisational units

Ability to manage the organisational structure and professional relations within the company.

Organisational units

System records reflect the actual business circumstance.


Generation and monitoring of system notifications for selected users (internal communication).


Take advantage of the inbox-outbox solution with built-in read receipt confirmation functionality.


Manage your contractor and supplier database.


Define new contractors or manage synchronisation with external systems.


Data sharing and integration with external systems.


Data exchange with other external systems


Building upon our extensive experience gained while implementing a variety of projects for Customers working in very different industry sectors,
we were able to develop system versions specifically dedicated to specific areas of business activity.
We understand that every sector is governed by different rules and aim to supply products that match your individual needs and expectations as
fully as possible.

System workflow for education EDU

ChiliWorkflow for education

This version of the system is designed for the educational sector - schools and higher education institutions Based on our experience in implementing numerous document workflow systems for higher education institutions, we were able to develop a system tailored to the specific requirements of the educational sector. The system comprises modules and processes designed for education institutions. System implementations also entail integration with other university systems, e.g. student management solutions.

The ChiliWorkflow EDU system is currently used for the purpose of managing documents and processes at a number of major universities, including:

  • Poznań University of Economics and Business
  • Poznań University of Physical Education
  • University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
  • Medical University of Warsaw
  • University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin

Example configuration:

Dedicated functional modules:

  • E-learning - tools used to independently develop various teaching materials and exercises, including on-line functionalities
  • Management of academic publishing houses
  • Management of staff and student surveys
  • Integration with USOS

Standard administrative modules:

  • Office Module
  • Document Registry (e.g. contracts, orders)
  • Document Workflow
  • Process Models
  • Public Procurement
  • Company Archives Management
  • Integration with the E-PUAP system
  • View other standard modules

Example processes:

  • Didactic processes support
  • Management of newly opened study programmes
  • Recruitment support and candidate management
  • Student services management

Standard administrative procedures:

  • Order management: requisition orders, generating purchase plans, public procurement management
  • Cost invoice workflow
  • Management of civil law contracts: contract applications and settlements
  • Management of leave applications
  • Management of applications and settlement of business trips

ChiliWorkflow for medicine

This version of the system is designed for the medical sector: hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The most common configuration:


  • Office Module
  • Document Archive
  • Contracts and Orders Database
  • Document Workflow
  • Public Procurement
  • Process Models

Supported processes:

  • Wokflow of medical documents
  • Order management: requisition orders, generating purchase plans, management of tender procedures, supplier orders
  • Cost invoice workflow
  • Management of civil law contracts: contract applications, settlements
System workflow for institutes INST

ChiliWorkflow for institutes

This version of the system is designed to support characteristic processes inherent in the work of institutes. Apart from the standard administrative tools such as the office module, document registration and archiving, public procurement management, or purchase documents workflow, this version of the system also features a number of functionalities related to the particular specialist tasks encountered in the work of institutes, such as managing laboratories, research and development, or certification procedures.

Selected examples of ChiliWorkflow INST implementations in institutes:

  • Building Research Institute
  • Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding
  • Motor Transport Institute

Example configuration:

Dedicated functional modules:

  • Scientific research management with comprehensive research documentation database
  • Management of laboratories
  • Research orders database
  • Management of certification procedures

Standard administrative modules:

  • Office Module
  • Document Registry (e.g. contracts, orders)
  • Document Workflow
  • Process Models
  • Public Procurement
  • Company Archives Management
  • View other standard modules

Example processes:

  • Registration and management of research orders
  • Management of research and development processes
  • Management of laboratory work, research results database
  • Quality control and management

Standard administrative procedures:

  • Order management: requisition orders, generating purchase plans, public procurement management
  • Cost invoice workflow
  • Management of civil law contracts: contract applications and settlements
  • Management of leave applications
  • Management of applications and settlement of business trips
System workflow for companiesCOM

ChiliWorkflow for commercial companies

This version of the system is designed for commercial companies operating in various sectors. We are aware of the fact that every company develops and fine-tunes its own individual operating model and the IT system's job is to support it and offer optimisation potential. The ChiliWorkflow system is flexible enough to facilitate implementations tailored even to the most individualised needs.

ChiliWorkflow COM is currently used to manage documents and processes in a number of companies operating in various sectors, including:

  • Black Red White S.A.
  • Veolia S.A.
  • Danone S.A.
  • Voigt Sp. z o.o.

Management of dedicated business processes:

  • Management of the processes of production and manufacturing of products and services
  • Management of processes related to the logistics of products and services
  • HR processes management, e.g.: recruitment and hiring, holidays, business trips, termination of cooperation
  • Office and secretariat management - receipt, workflow and dispatch of incoming, outgoing and internal mail
  • Management of administrative processes - workflow of requisition orders, purchase orders, purchase invoices

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