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Integrate data
from various IT systems
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Would you like to work in an organisation where all data generated from various IT systems are available on a single integrated platform? Rather than rely on a number of different applications, you could take advantage of a user-friendly and highly intuitive interface providing a number of tools to facilitate communication with other team members.

ChiliPlatform is the answer – the on-line integration software offers an entirely new perspective in approaching IT solutions in your company. The platform facilitates the aggregation and utilisation of data originating from various IT systems operating in your company or institution. Moreover, dedicated solutions can be developed based on the gathered information.

Key features of ChiliPlatform

Data integrator

The possibility of integrating and processing data originating from different systems utilised by your company

Universal access point

The universal interface provides single point access to all the key information without the need to use and switch between various applications

WWW / Mobile

Web browser or mobile access


Scalability and the ability to easily expand the system by adding new functional modules

Tailor-made solutions

Easy creation and implementation of dedicated solutions


Unified in-company communication

The platform provides a number of functional modules to aid every-day business organisation. They facilitate the transfer of in-company communication channels, resource planning and the establishment of an internal knowledge base within a unified IT system.

Access to data originating from various systems
via a single interface

One of the key features of the platform is its integration functionality. Apart from data generated from the functional modules of the platform itself, it is possible to embed external web applications. In effect, all the key information acquired from various systems operating within the organisation becomes available via a single, universal interface.

A stable foundation for new IT solutions in your company

The platform provides the capacity for long-term IT development. A consolidated IT environment based on a tested and stable platform is a reliable base for the further development and expansion of your system by adding new functional applications adopted to the ever-evolving needs and expectations inherent to the business environment.


ChiliPlatform features a modular structure that constitutes a fully scalable IT system.
Its basic principle is to provide a base for the creation of dedicated solutions
but it also incorporates a number of functional modules to facilitate every-day organisational tasks.


ChiliPlatform features a modular structure that constitutes a fully scalable IT system.
Its basic principle is to provide a base for the creation of dedicated solutions
but it also incorporates a number of functional modules to facilitate every-day organisational tasks.


Advanced and stable work environment

The primary system module ensures a stable runtime environment for internet applications and modules. Its advanced visual components combine the benefits of web-based solutions with the intuitiveness and user-friendliness of desktop applications.

Knowledge Base

All of your company's know-how gathered in one place

The "Knowledge Base" module allows you to gather all of your company's internal documentation in a single location. Documents can be saved in any format and the module provides user-friendly categorisation and system search tools.

Knowledge Base

  • A fully configurable tree structure for organising your data and files.
  • Support for system and personal sections with definable data access privileges.
  • Version management with comment support.
  • Articles can be added using the in-built WYSIWYG editor.
  • Full text search functionality.

Resource management

Plan and manage time and resource availability

The module facilitates the management of the organisation's resources using public and personal calendar and organiser functions.

Resource management

  • Ability to share calendars with selected users or user groups.
  • Possibility of creating one-time and cyclical events using the D&D method.
  • Automatically generated notifications inform authorised users of upcoming events.


Efficient internal communication.

The "Notifications" module allows users to create and publish notifications addressed to selected recipients. Notifications may be time restricted or permanent and the read receipt confirmation functionality ensures that the content has reached the designated recipients.


  • Outbox-Inbox operation.
  • Support for the read receipt confirmation functionality.


All key contacts in one place.

The "Contacts" module gathers and displays all in-company and external contacts in a single interface. It also supports separately grouping public and personal contacts.


  • User profile support.
  • Possibility to generate personal business cards within the system.


An easy way to connect with co-workers

The "Communicator" module facilitates an easy exchange of information and direct communication with co-workers.


  • Support for real time communication between co-workers.
  • Support for thematic work groups and in-group communication.

External Applications

External system embedding

The "External Applications" module allows the user to embed external web applications within the platform. With this functionality, employees can log into a single account to gain access to other systems utilised by the company.

External Applications

The module facilitates publishing external web systems within the platform (regardless of their respective technology).

Example implementations
of ChiliPlatform

ChiliPlatform provides a reliable and stable base for the development of dedicated solutions for your company.
The range of functional modules that can be implemented within the platform is virtually unlimited.
Listed below are a number of example dedicated IT solutions implemented with the use of ChiliPlatform.

Transport Management System TMS

Transport Management System

An advanced TMS (Transport Management System) allowing for comprehensive management of transport and logistic processes. The application is designed for transport companies and logistics departments. The system supports the mechanisms of planning and monitoring transport routes and ensures undisturbed information flow between all entities involved in the respective logistical processes. The support for electronic consignment notes and OCR tools significantly improves the efficiency of loading / unloading stations. The system supports shipment reports relative to the respective distribution channels. The application also supports transfers, combined transports, distribution to regional warehouses and export operations. Additionally, the application features a dedicated module for cost definition and settlement.

  • Support for transport and forwarding orders Support for transport and forwarding orders
  • Planing and monitoring transport routes Planing and monitoring transport routes
  • Support for electronic consignment notes Support for electronic consignment notes
  • Support for combined transports Support for combined transports
  • Cost reporting and settlement Cost reporting and settlement
E-learning platform E-LEARING

E-learning platform

A modern e-learning platform supporting traditional language courses. The system incorporates a range of tools to be used by everyone engaged in the teaching process, including students, teachers/lecturers, as well as the administrative and managerial staff. It supports the ability to create and manage a structured knowledge base and provide access to useful information such as course timetables, lesson plans, grades, and course materials. Students can access the entire course material on-line. Advanced tools supporting the independent creation of exercises, e.g.: gap filling, word order, crossword, as well as cataloguing resources by type: audio, video, link, document, exercise, message, etc. allow the teaching staff to effectively manage their course planning tasks and communicate with their students. Administrative modules provide functionalities related to course database management and payment monitoring to facilitate the administrative and managerial staff in the management of the course offer and organisation of school operations.

  • Management of the course database and lesson plans Management of the course database and lesson plans
  • Tools allowing the teachers to independently create exercises Tools allowing the teachers to independently create exercises
  • Multimedia knowledge base Multimedia knowledge base
  • Student database Student database
  • Financial settlements monitoring Financial settlements monitoring
Genetic laboratory management Laboratory

Genetic laboratory management

A dedicated system supporting the management of a genetic laboratory. The application supports the realisation of processes related to laboratory operations in the following areas:

  1. Sales - support for sample distribution processes. Integration with the laboratory's sales systems provides functionalities of key importance to the overall business performance.
  2. Research - sample database, management of sample testing activities, processing and interpretation of test results.
  3. Scientific - an advanced knowledge base module allowing the users to gather scientific genetic data in an ordered system to be used for the purpose of interpreting results. A dedicated mechanism for surveying customers with specific genetic profiles facilitates more efficient scientific research.
  • Distribution and registration of genetic material samples Distribution and registration of genetic material samples
  • System support for scientific research System support for scientific research
  • Automated test results analysis Automated test results analysis
  • Systematised scientific knowledge base Systematised scientific knowledge base
  • Evaluation customer surveys Evaluation customer surveys
Management of Polish Handball League games Game management

Management of Handball League games

An on-line system for the management of Handball League games in Poland. The application supports comprehensive management of handball games at all contestant and team tiers. The system provides the ability to register individual persons involved in the League activities (players, coaches, judges), teams, game schedules and competition protocols. It features an advanced system to support reporting, statistics and official ranking ladders. Automatic integration with the official internet service of the Poland Handball Federation allows for the game result data and official statistics to be available to supporters immediately after their registration in the system.

  • Comprehensive database of teams, players, coaches and judges at all league tiers. Comprehensive database of teams, players, coaches and judges at all league tiers.
  • Management of game schedules Management of game schedules
  • Registration of game progress and game results Registration of game progress and game results
  • Advanced statistical and ranking features Advanced statistical and ranking features
  • Integration with external systems Integration with external systems
Educational game Educational Game

Educational game

On-line application "Enterprise Simulator - the Game" is an interactive educational tool for complementing entrepreneurship courses. The application is addressed to upper-secondary school students and allows them to take on the role of entrepreneurs setting up and developing their own businesses. The game is played in a virtual world designed to reflect the basic rules and dependencies present in a realistic business environment. The interesting concept and appealing graphics help students to gain a practical understanding of the following areas of business operations: Management, Finance, Investment, Human Resources, Fixed Assets, Marketing, production, Transport and Logistics, Sales. The application gives the teaching staff the ability to influence game scenarios, which additionally enriches the gameplay allows for more in-depth analyses of specific enterprise related problems.

  • Support for educational processes Support for educational processes
  • Game scenario management Game scenario management
  • Gameplay modelling Gameplay modelling
  • On-line competitions On-line competitions
  • Interactive tournaments Interactive tournaments
  • Educational knowledge base in the field of entrepreneurship Educational knowledge base in the field of entrepreneurship

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